6 Easy Hacks to Elevate your Home’s Design and Give it a Luxurious Feel

One of the most common challenges our clients experience before coming to us, is adding that elegant luxurious feel to their homes, without spending a fortune. You know – the type of tasteful chic design that you see in magazines and Instagram posts.

The reason so many are struggling to achieve it, however, has nothing to do with budgets. You can spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on expensive furniture, art, and accessories, and still end up with a tacky disorganised design.

Today we are going to reveal a few secrets of interior design that help create that harmonious, polished, luxurious, picture-perfect design. Here we go.

1. Less is more! It’s time to declutter

Organisation is the foundation of elegance. Your carefully picked accessories and high-end sofa will fail to make a statement if they are drowning in visual noise. The first step is to look around and organise your home. Do it in a way that is sustainable. An organisational system is only as good as the ease of its maintenance. Storage containers and vacuum-seal bags are your best friends here.

Evaluate each item in your house – no matter how small – and decide whether it’s something you want to keep, donate, sell, or throw away. No single cord or paper clip should escape this process. Be diligent. It may take a couple of weekends, but it will all be worth it.

2. Create a neutral backdrop with an accent wall

As much as we love statement wall colours, creating a unified design with brightly painted walls is not easy without the right knowledge and experience. What you can do quite easily, though, is create an accent wall. Here is what you are going to do:

  • Pick a wall that the eye naturally gravitates towards. In the living room, it will most likely be the wall behind your couch. In the bedroom – the wall behind your bed’s headrest.

  • Select a colour for that room. Think in terms of the mood you want that colour to set. Are you after a more natural, earthy vibe? Go for deeper shades of green. Do you want to feel energized? Yellow could be a good choice.

  • Paint your accent wall in the selected colour and the other walls in something neutral. It’s difficult to go wrong with white or eggshell cream.

3. Organise areas with rugs

Area rugs not only keep our feet warm and provide sound isolation, but are incredibly helpful in visually organising a space into areas by function – the lounging area, the dining area, the work area, and so on.

When picking out a rug, be generous with its size.

The trick is to cover most of the area. In the living room, make sure your sofa is either fully on the rug or, at the bare minimum, its front legs are. This is such a seemingly small thing, but it makes the world of difference in creating that elegant design you are after. Note that we are not discussing the quality or the price tag of a rug. Only its size.

4. Add textures, layers, and patterns

Now that you’ve decluttered your space, cleaned up the walls, and organised your space with area rugs, it is time to decorate it.

Add decorative pillows to your couch and your bed. The secret to an elegant-looking couch is to mix patterns and textures. Pick out the covers for your throw pillows in 2-3 different designs. Make sure they have a unifying element. For example, if they have a few different patterns, unify them by making sure they all contain the same colour. If you are picking out the covers in different colours, make sure they are made of the same fabric. Of course, it is possible to mix and match outside of these boundaries, but, once again, it typically takes a more trained eye to achieve harmony and intentionality.

Organise the books on your shelves. Don’t align them all vertically. Stack some of them up. This will break down the monotony of the organisational system.

Add a few elements that look luxurious. Again, they don’t need to be expensive. For example, add a faux fur throw to the couch or a chair, a statement floor lamp, or a beautifully framed mirror. Don’t overdo it. Remember, these beautiful items will only stand out if they are surrounded by more neutral, simple things.

Pick out curtains that will give your room a cosy, homely feel. If you don’t have any patterns on your sofa or your rug, you can pick out something with a geometric pattern. Otherwise, stick to solid patterns and neutral colours. You want the design to be cohesive, but not boring.

Add layers of lighting. In addition to the general light, think of table lamps, floor lamps, and spotlight lighting that you can add to your space. This will allow you to easily set the mood of the room depending on its function.

If you are struggling to fill blank spaces in your home – here are five top tips.

Finally, add wall art. You can either hang a large piece on your wall or create a gallery out of smaller pieces. Make sure to plan out the arrangement before you put a single nail into the wall. Wall art looks best when it’s hung at eye level.

5. Pay attention to the small details

The reason interior designs in magazines look so polished and high-end is because they account for the smallest of details. Unless you look closely, you don’t even notice them, yet, without them, those designs would look incomplete.

To achieve a luxurious feel in your interior design, you should do the same. Look at such things as door handles, furniture legs, plant pots, picture frames, etc. Make those small items count.

Buy matching pots for your plants. Replace or repaint your door, cabinet, and drawer knobs and handles. Add a touch of gold paint to your furniture legs.

6. Use storage containers for decoration

If any of your storage containers are out in the open, don’t forget to think of their design and how it fits into the room. The same way that you add texture and patterns to your throw pillows, add them to your storage containers.

If you are not confident about your skills to mix and match, you can always go for identical sets. For example, organise your toiletries, kitchen utensils, or files on your desk in matching sets. This will make your design look purposeful and clean.

Follow these hacks and you will be able to elevate your home’s interior design. Remember to always strive for balance and harmony. Think through every accessory before going on a shopping spree. Create a neutral canvas that you can then add beautiful accessories to. This will also make it incredibly easy to change the look and feel of your room whenever you want to. All you’ll need to do is swap out your throw pillows, curtains, and a few smaller elements, and you can completely transform your space.

A luxurious design can be achieved on any budget. None of the tips in this article require purchasing expensive items. Luxury and elegance in interior design come from solid organisation, simplicity as a backdrop to statement pieces of decor, and thoughtfulness when it comes to details.

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