8 Stunning UK Airbnbs!

Summer is here and with lockdown restrictions easing in the UK, Airbnb is coming back into its own. A recent Airbnb survey showed that travel was the activity most Americans missed during the pandemic. I am sure people feel the same here in the UK. In the UK there are at least 2,000 active units in every region of the country, with around 64,000 in London alone!

As the number of listings grows, hosts have to make the accommodation more and more appealing in order to remain competitive. Travellers are increasingly after experiences and unique accommodation plays an important role in that. We went through hundreds of Airbnb flats and houses and selected some of our favourite ones.

This flat in London is full of colour and character. It’s a perfect example of how being bold and going overboard can sometimes be a winning strategy. From dozens of mismatched picture frames covering the walls, to rich fabrics, to bright colours – this space beautifully combines strong interior elements, creating an authentic artistic vibe.

Airbnb, London, Tessa

Small spaces are always more difficult to design as they require extra careful planning to make sure functionality does not get sacrificed. Clean lines and white walls are beautifully balanced out by darker accents on the walls, sofa, and bed. It’s because of the clean colour palette and minimalistic design that the gold mosaic in the bathroom looks chic rather than kitschy.

Airbnb, London, Nicholas & Michele

This is a Gothic church converted into a 6-bedroom house! The combination of traditional Gothic elements – the shape of window frames and mosaic glass – with contemporary and classic design elements produces dazzling results.

Airbnb, East Horrington, James

When you think of a perfect nature getaway, it’s this type of accommodation that comes to mind – a rustic log house filled with warmth and sunshine. We appreciate the simplicity of the design. There are no fancy accents, intricate details, or sophisticated colour palettes. The interior is in perfect harmony with its location, the architecture of the house, and its purpose.

Airbnb, Northamptonshire, Ian and Sylvia

This house is a loft meets a cabin in the woods. The unfinished look works perfectly for the interior of the space. Exposed wood, soft leather, barn doors, and a dozen other small details make this house look effortlessly gorgeous!

Airbnb, Nailsworth, Caroline

How would you like to stay in a lighthouse? This sun-filled flat is on the 4th floor of a 17th-century lighthouse, overlooking Cawsand Bay. The beachy interior and the breathtaking view make this flat a true paradise!

Airbnb, Kinsand, Janette

The design of this space is flawless. You can tell right away that every interior detail was deliberately picked out. The chandelier, the mirror, the wall colour – all these elements create a sophisticated and cosy feel. Imagine how relaxing it must be to sit in one of those chairs with a good book and a glass of wine!

Airbnb, Edinburgh, Tessa

The New York vibe of this flat is not the only reason we decided to include this Airbnb listing. While the space looks simple and clean, upon a closer look, you notice countless creative elements: the hanging plants in the living room, the wooden pallet bed, multiple layers of lighting, and wall art placed on the floor.

Airbnb, Manchester, Corin Craig

We couldn't resist adding this one...

This studio flat looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. While it’s not in the UK, we had to include it on the list. We can’t decide what we love more: industrial style accessories, the brilliant separation of spaces, or those giant windows. We often see homeowners shy away from dark colours in small spaces. This flat proves that a darker pallet can not only work in a small space but can visually expand it.

Have you come across a stunning Airbnb flat or house in the UK, or anywhere else in the world, for that matter? Please hare a link in the comments section below.

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