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A Quick Guide to Lighting Design

April 13, 2018

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Best Types of Wood for Interior Design

September 24, 2018

Not all woods are created equal, a principle that very much applies to interior design. From types and colours, down to the species of wood, there are different considerations that must be made when choosing a specific kind of wood for a particular space. Take wooden flooring, for instance, which we previously covered in detail in the post ‘Wood Flooring for Dummies’. There is a range of choices, from solid wood to reclaimed timber to engineered wood. But when it comes to the exact species of wood, some are more favoured than others. Here are the best types of wood for interior design.

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Ideal Home points to oak as a perennial favourite, thanks largely to its middle-range colour options. Aside from being sturdy and extremely durable, it can blend seamlessly with pretty much every colour scheme or motif, which adds to its versatility. It can thus be used for wooden furniture such as chairs and tables, or even wooden furnishings like picture frames. Even more, applying a natural finish or oil helps bring out the variations and contrasts of this gorgeous-looking wood, which can serve as an ornament in itself thanks to its natural beauty. 


Both hard and soft maple are extremely strong — so much, in fact, that working with it can be challenging. Virtually resistant to splitting and naturally durable, this type of wood comes in an assortment of hues, wi