10 Simple Ways to Add Colour to Your Home's Interior

Spring is finally here! Granted, the weather outside begs to differ, however, it won’t be long before you can pack up your chunky sweaters and oversized coats to make room in your closet for colourful spring jackets and summer hats. So, we say it’s time to fully embrace the spirit of spring and give your home a makeover. While a complete remodel requires a significant time and financial commitment, there are numerous smaller things you can do around your house that need minimal effort and investment, yet infuse your interior with a fresh energy. Check out some of our favourite tricks.

1) Replace woollen throws with colourful pillows on your sofa

Swapping out throw pillows instantly changes the look and feel of your sofa from cosy and warm to light and cheerful. Play around with textures and fabrics by combining linen with silk or patterned designs with solid colours.

colourful interior

2) Place lively area rugs in different rooms around the house

Those plush soft area rugs that have been keeping your feet warm all winter deserve some time off. Instead, roll out the fun colourful rugs that will give an energy boost to your house. When purchasing a new area rug, make sure to follow these size guidelines for a maximum visual impact.

3) Add a splash of colour on your walls with a bright painting

Think of wall art as an accessory. Depending on the occasion, it can be strategically used to completely change the look and feel of a room. To add a sprinkle of spring to your interior, put up wall art that features warm colour pallets and evokes hopeful, optimistic emotions.

Colourful living room

4) Create a statement wall with just a couple of fresh coats of paint

Repainting is not as difficult as you may think. In fact, you can easily do it yourself over the weekend. Painting one wall in a bold colour will transform your entire room, while keeping it tasteful and elegant. We hear dark plum, caliente, oceanside, and deep emerald colours are all the rage this season!

Accent Wall

Image source: Pexels

5) Design a bright picture wall

If you are not ready to commit to a brightly painted wall, go for the less permanent solution: picture frames. Instead of placing one-two photos here and there, turn an entire wall into a gallery of happy moments. Print out pictures from your fun trips, photos of your family and friends, and children’s drawings and proudly display them on the wall of your living room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colours and the sizes of the picture frames. Not sure how to get started? Check out this useful guide to gallery patterns.

6) Add a touch of greenery to your interior

Spring is about revival as nature awakens from its deep winter sleep and trees start to blossom in a magnificent display of colours and smells. Bring that spirit of rejuvenation indoors by decorating your home with flower arrangements and plants. Take it one step further and paint your flower pots in dazzling colours.

Home greenery

Image source: Pexels

7) Swap out your bed linens and covers

It’s time to break down the monotony of winter and buy a new cover set for your bed. Bright bedding will instantly energize you in the mornings, while giving your bedroom a spring feel.

Colourful bedrooms

Image source: Pexels

8) Get creative with your tableware sets and decorations

Infuse your next dinner party or family gathering with the colours of spring by covering your table with a bright tablecloth or by dispersing bright accents with colourful plates and glasses.

Colourful dining room

9) Hang up colourful curtains on your windows in lighter fabrics

Frame the windows in your house with beautiful new curtains in vibrant colours or patterns. Take down the heavy drapery of winter and make it easy for the sun to reach every corner of your house.

Colourful curtains

Image source: Unsplash

10) Repaint your front door

When adding colour to your home, don’t limit yourself to the furniture and décor items inside the house. A brightly painted front door will make a stunning impression the moment you and your guests enter the house. Make sure to read up on a few tips and tricks before getting started to avoid the unnecessary hassle.

Image source: Unsplash

These are just a few simple ways to infuse your home with bright colours and the joyful spirit of spring. Use them as a source of inspiration. Trust us, once you get started, you’ll realise that the possibilities are endless. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to take risks when creating the home of your dreams.

How do you add colour to your interior design? Share your tips and hacks in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you! Until next time.

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