Be Bold in Your Interior Design!

Sometimes, life just needs a little bit more oomph. When so many of our days are spent looking up at dreary skies — especially at this time of the year — it can be refreshing to come home to an oasis of colour and life. Besides, maybe you are not into neutral colours and your hands are itching to add big, bright colours to your interior.

Enter — bold, maximalist interior design. Maximalism, contrary to popular belief, does follow some design rules but is largely based on instinct and a keen eye. Often, many find the idea intimidating, worrying it will become a chaotic, colourful mess. It doesn’t have to be. Your bright interior can be captivating, dramatic, and entirely unique, paying homage to your persona at every bend. So, here’s how to join in on the bold interior design trend without going too overboard.

Accents and Art Breathe Life into Bold

If you had to change just one thing about your household to dip into the maximalist trend, it would have to be accents. Drapery rods, cabinet knobs, door handles — step into the world of daring with small changes first and see how you like them.

Art adds life to any home and can be as lively or sophisticated as you want. You can play fast and loose with the rules of framing and dedicate an entire wall to a standalone art gallery. You can fill it to the brim with artworks that contrast with each other, but to keep it classy and not cluttered, leave a uniform space between all of the frames (which, by the way, don’t have to be made of the same material either).

Colour Is Your Best Friend

Colour is the indisputable key to making any design bold. Rightfully so, since the ways you can play with colour are infinite. Familiarise yourself with the colour wheel and basic colour theory before picking out wall paints that will be the backdrop for your masterpiece rooms. You want bold, but you also want complementary. Unintentional clashing isn’t classy, even in maximalist households.

Don’t leave your ceiling out. Make a truly bold stroke by painting your ceiling as well to tie your rooms in together. When so many things are mismatched, some consistency goes a long way in anchoring the eye.

As for the actual colours, a good rule of thumb is to pair lighter or more vibrant furniture with darker coloured walls, such as black or navy blue. Picking a lighter colour is easier and allows you more freedom, but if you’ve needed a reason to embrace a darker wall tone, this is it.

Make a Statement

The quirkier, the better. Maximalist interiors thrive when wildcard elements steal the show. A statement piece can be anything that catches the eye. Possible contenders are antique or retro furniture and family heirlooms. Lean into creativity by combining items from different eras for an overall effect – yes, skulls and empty birdcages count too!

You can also incorporate items from different cultures that we know you amassed from your pre-pandemic travels, so long as the items can exist together in harmony. Dig up your old souvenirs and mix and match until you’ve found what works for your household and is as endearing as it is eccentric.

Play with Patterns and Texture

The secret’s out: your pieces only need to match in style, not in material. This opens up countless avenues for you to explore textures that you never thought would work together before. Wood and silk? Go for it. Marble and copper? Bolder still. Blending all these different textures creates a visual treat. Make sure to stay on track with an overarching theme, else your kaleidoscope can become overwhelming.

As for actual patterns, if you’ve ever been afraid to use animal print, now’s your time to play into it. With a maximalist interior, you can be as bold or subtle as you want when incorporating prints. A subdued option would be to invest in neutral leopard-print cushion covers that have a vibrant sofa as a backdrop. If you want louder still, an intricately patterned set of drapes might be calling your name. Animal print is only one option. Mandalas and floral themes are also increasingly popular.

Prioritise Cheer, But Also Comfort

Are you a person that thrives when surrounded by artful beauty? Then a maximalist, bold interior could be perfect for you. Combine your patterns and choose colours that are warm and happy to get the most out of your living space.

However, don’t forget that comfort comes first, even above visual appeal. Pick out pieces that make your home feel cosy in the organised clutter that is maximalism, and you won’t be left wanting.

More Really Is More

Boho-chic lovers rejoice! Gorgeous excess finds itself comfortably at home in a bold household. Maximalism welcomes things in and is a way to let loose and just have fun. It also lets you put items on display that spent too long in cardboard boxes in the loft. Shelving solutions are a great way to show the world your collection of books, souvenirs, or china. Being filled to the brim only furthers visual interest here, as opposed to hindering it.

However, beware of hoarding for hoarding’s sake. Decorate your home with items that you truly love, but not for the excuse of filling space. A bold interior can be a sight for sore eyes, but clutter is most definitely an eyesore.


The best part about a bold household is that your living space becomes a work of art dedicated to who you are. And what good art was ever perfect?

Experiment and step out of your comfort zone. If it doesn’t look good, chances are, you can always change some things around to make it look better. You might even end up falling in love with your home all over again. Remember: it doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be personal. Stick to the basic framework of having an overarching theme, and your maximalist interior is your playground to create your very own artwork.

Being bold in your interior design involves taking a risk, yes. But is it worth it? To have a household that picks you up after a dreary day, or can bring you excitement and drama even on a quiet night? We definitely think so.

So, will you be going bold or going home? Have any more tips that you’d like to share on making the most of your maximalist interiors? We’d love to hear from you!

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