Display Antiques & Collectables Creatively in Your Home

Are you an avid collector? Whether it’s antiques, model cars, art, or vinyl records, once you get into it, you can grow quite a collection.

While these collections can add a wonderful personal touch to your home, displaying them in an unruly manner can also make it look cluttered. Whether the collection is practical or just to admire, ideally, it would elevate your interior design. If you’re not sure how to go about harmoniously integrating your collection into the rest of the interior, here are some ideas to get you inspired.

Needless to say, before you begin, draw up a plan. Make an inventory of your items and organise the layout of the collection. Don’t start putting nails in your walls or making any other permanent adjustments until you’ve measured, organised, and sketched everything on a piece of paper.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is an easy way to display a collection. It’s perfect for displaying flat items like paintings or decorative plates. Simply get a set of frames, measure the wall, and decide on the composition. You can go with frames of the same size or experiment with different sizes, shapes, and colours for an asymmetrical look.

Because a collection usually implies a large number of items, you will require a large number of frames. Therefore, we recommend putting up your gallery on a neutrally-coloured blank wall.

However, gallery walls are not limited to just flat displays. If your collection features small-sized items, you can take advantage of this method as well. For example, wooden boxes or wine crates make for charmingly rustic display cases. Here, smaller items can even be placed in clear jars or vases to provide dimension.

Furthermore, you can spruce up your display cases by adding some decorative craft paper if your pieces are on the paler side. Shadow boxes are a beautiful way to showcase brightly coloured items.


A simple solution like a shelf is often enough to neatly showcase your collection. And you have endless choices here: floating shelves, built-in shelves, high-levelled, full-length, and stackable shelves ­– take your pick. Many keen collectors also invest in custom shelving to show off their collection in a unique way.

Blend in your collection by dispersing it throughout the shelves. For example, you can use a couple of ceramic figurines as bookends on both sides of a set of books.

Shelves with cubed dividers are ideal to display large items. Or, with a little creative organising, you can use them for small, stackable collectibles.

To give a layered look to a set of shelves, mix and match items of different sizes on the same display.


If you have a fireplace, the mantelpiece is a creative place to show off a few pieces. Lay out a couple of seats around the fireplace so it can be used as a conversation piece while entertaining guests. However, keep in mind that items displayed here should be either fire-resistant or be able to tolerate high temperatures without damage.

Other surfaces

Use surfaces such as coffee tables, side tables, and dining tables to strategically display collections of small items. The trick here is to group them. You can use trays, apothecary jars, glass bottles, bowls, and baskets of various materials to make them look neat and organised.

In some cases, you can even pose items of different sets that have a similar theme, so it looks like they’re interacting with each other.

You can also create a vignette by grouping some items of a collection in an asymmetrical manner. This works especially well for items of different sizes. While grouping, look for similarities such as colour and pattern, shape, and material.

Furthermore, try combining the aforementioned styles and creating a cosy corner of displays. All you need to do is thematically group them. For example, if the theme is swans, you can set up a couple of framed paintings or pictures of swans. Along with this, you can add a few decorative figurines of swans made of different materials, and you can even add an origami swan to balance it out.

Don’t forget about lighting. Invest in tea lights for shelf collections and individual lights to bring out paintings placed against an accent wall. Fairy lights work well to accentuate tiny trinkets kept in clear jars or bottles.

When showcasing collectibles in more unconventional areas of your house, like the bathroom, keep in mind that you should display items that are moisture-resistant such as leather and glass.

Kitchens are ideal to display collectibles that are functional. Here, you have numerous options: open shelves, pretty cabinets, and wall displays for pots, pans, and cutting boards.

If you are struggling to display all the items in your collection, consider displaying just a few items and rotating the items you display every once in a while. This way, your interior gets a fresh look every few months.

Most importantly, have fun with it! Get creative and explore layouts and methods that work for your space.

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