Gifts Your Interior-Design-Obsessed Friends and Family will Love!

Ahh, the art of gift-giving. It can be truly rewarding to see the joy in your loved ones’ eyes when you manage to get them the perfect gift... Finding the perfect gift, on the other hand, is not all rainbows and sunshine. It can be a gruelling exercise – spending hours browsing through gift inspirations, searching for items in stores and online, and trying to stay within budget... Festive seasons can be particularly stressful!

Luckily, we know exactly what you should get for those friends and family members who LOVE interior design. The best part about these gifts is that they contribute to making someone’s home better. So, check out our top interior-design-related gifts and get inspired.

Throw Blankets

You absolutely can’t go wrong with a throw. It makes a space – be it a bedroom or a living room – more cosy and warm. And you have an endless range of options in terms of the design and the texture of the blanket.

Does your friend prefer more natural materials (e.g., wood, wool, bamboo, etc.)? Go for a knit wool blanket in earthy colours. Perhaps your friend likes a touch of luxury in every aspect of life? You’ll be spot on with a plush cashmere throw blanket. And don’t worry, no one can ever have “too many” throw blankets. It’s impossible.


While the trend to bring the outdoors indoors has been going on for a while; it has especially escalated during the global pandemic. Spending exponentially more time at home has made us acutely aware of the need to make our space feel comfortable, safe, nurturing, and closer to nature. Plants make a perfect gift. They have proven positive effects on our physical and mental health, plus they instantly warm up a space.

Make sure that the plant you get is relatively low-maintenance and will do well in the climate of the gift recipient.


Think of your most interior-design-obsessed friend or family member. We bet they have at least one cute shelf with a selection of books. Like plants, books create a more inviting, warm atmosphere in a home. And you know what every stack of books needs? Bookends!

Here, once again, think of the style of the other person. Is it more minimalistic or extravagant? Does this person like animals? A particular sport? Or are they an adventurous traveller? There are literally thousands of designs you can pick from.


Do you know what people who are meticulous about the way their homes look hate the most? Water rings! Well, who likes them, right? Your friend will be delighted to receive a stylish set of coasters. Once again, you can find this item in a variety of styles, materials, and within any price range.

Storage containers

Whether a storage unit is hidden from the public eye or rests proudly on an open shelf, it too can and should be beautiful. And one can never have too much storage space. Make sure to get a set. This will give your recipient a range of options of where and how to use them.

A dinnerware set

Don’t you just hate it when you are hosting a dinner party and you realise that you don’t have a matching dinnerware set? A beautiful set will visually elevate the experience. And, just because you are not hosting a sophisticated gathering doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy serving yourself food on an elegant plate.

If you are on a more limited budget, go for a three-piece set: a dinner plate, a bowl, and a cup.

A luxury bathroom accessories set

A soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, a tissue dispenser – these are the small accessories that make a big difference in a space. They are also often overlooked.

Luxurious-looking accessories set will instantly add an elegant touch and cohesiveness to a bathroom. Just make sure you get just that – a set. Take it a step further and add matching containers for shampoo and conditioner.

... Finally a few Dos and Don'ts

What makes a gift perfect is how closely it resembles the taste and lifestyle of the gift recipient. As such, here are a few do’s and don’ts of gifting items of interior design.


  • Think about the recipient’s lifestyle and taste. You don’t have to be an expert in interior design. You simply have to pay attention. What are this person’s hobbies? What colours does he/she tend to wear? Is this a highly organised or a more laid-back person? These are the types of details that will help you select just the right gift.

  • Stay away from unreputable online sellers. Yes, online shopping is convenient. However, you can’t hold an item when shopping online. You can’t feel its texture. If you have the option of purchasing from a physical store, we recommend you do that. If you can’t, make sure to pay close attention to the online reviews. Finally, order with plenty of time to return the product if it ends up not being what you expected.


  • Buy large items unless you are 100% confident in your judgment of the gift recipient’s taste. A sofa, a large piece of wall art, a giant area rug – these are the things that really stand out in a space, and you don’t want to put your friends in the position where they have to choose between living with the item they don’t like or hurting your feelings for not displaying it proudly (or returning the item).

  • Add a list of suggestions to your gift. “I noticed your wall looked really empty, so here’s a painting.” OR “You need to assemble these bookshelves and here is the only spot in your home where it will actually fit.” Think of a gift that can fit seamlessly in their space, without requiring the recipient to spend time, money, or both on the installation.

  • Buy useless knick-knacks. Interior design lovers tend to carefully curate their selection of souvenirs, vases, and other small items. Look for something that will both look good and have a function. That way your present will be adding value to the home and not just collect dust.

Alright, that’s all for today. Ready, set, SHOP!

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