Style your bedroom for that Instagram-worthy look

A bedroom is a treasured part of a house. It’s a sanctuary, a place where you can rest, recharge, and get some peace and quiet. But, at the same time, it’s also where you want to feel energised in the morning, get dressed, and ready to take on the day. So, it is important to style it in a way that embodies your aesthetic but also complements your lifestyle.

With so many different ideas and trends circulating it’s easy to get lost in a sea of Pinterest boards and Instagram stories. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be thathard or overly expensive. With a few simple steps, you can transform your bedroom into a wonderfully personalised space with the perfect blend of cosiness and functionality.

First, of course, you have to make a plan. Select a theme based on what you want the general vibe of the room to be — rustic, modern, minimalistic, eclectic, etc. Then, identify the functionality zones of the space to make it easier to implement your vision.

Styling your bed

As you browse through Instagram, you probably find yourself admiring those magazine-ready bedrooms of celebrities. Yet, somehow, you struggle to recreate the same effortless yet stylish look in your bedroom. That’s because you don’t know the tricks that their interior designers know. The good news is that these tricks are really simple and don’t require a big budget.

Let’s start with the bed. Most people just straighten out the blanket (be it a duvet in a duvet cover or a light summer throw), place a couple of pillows on top, and that’s it. There is certainly nothing wrong with this process, but, for a more sophisticated look, you need to add layers.

First, protect your mattress with a mattress topper. Then cover it with sheets in neutral tones to create a calm base for the rest of the bed’s design.

As for the bed pillows, create dimension with a pair of large pillows against your headboard, followed by a couple of standard pillows, and finally by a decorative pillow or two in the middle. The trick here is to correctly mix and match. You don’t want all the pillow covers to be in the same fabric and colour, but you also don’t want a chaotic feel of mis-matched designs. Find a unifying element. For example, mix solid-coloured pillow covers with prints in the same colour. Furthermore, make sure your decorative pillow covers are made of decorative fabrics for a more polished look. While cotton is a fantastic fabric to actually rest your head on at night, it doesn’t have the same sleek look as silk or velvet. Another trick to creating an effortlessly elegant look is to match one set of pillows to your sheets and another set of pillows to your duvet cover.

When it comes to the duvet, you can place it in a number of ways – on top, folded one-third or halfway down, or even in thirds at the foot of the bed. If you go with the latter, make sure to protect your sheets with a nice bed cover. This will also elevate the aesthetic of the setup.

Add some throw or boudoir pillows for a fancy finish. For example, you could drape a gorgeous faux fur throw blanket at the foot of the bed to frame your look.

Personalise your walls

Bored with your empty walls? Personalise them by hanging up your favourite décor — movie posters, cherished photographs, or artwork that you love. The trick here is in the framing. Make sure to actually frame all these items and to place the frames on the wall in a balanced, symmetric way. Think in odd numbers for an easy, polished look – three large frames of the same size, seven smaller frames of equal or varying sizes, and so on.

Install floating shelves to display items — knick-knacks that evoke positive emotions, plants, picture frames, a couple of books, etc. Create layers by displaying items of different heights and depths. Keep it simple and neatly organ

Combine functionality with aesthetic

Clutter kills even the most tasteful décor. To keep your room tidy, organise an effective storage system. Cupboards and a chest of drawers are perfect for storing clothes. Opt for a cupboard with mobile shelves or a higher bar system for more storage space.

The undersides of beds can be used as additional storage areas, especially for extra bedsheets or out of season clothing. If your bedframe doesn’t have built-in storage, you can DIY it with a couple of drawers, baskets, and organisers designed for under-the-bed storage. Vacuum-seal bags will do wonders for maximising your storage space. Storage benches and ottomans are effective for storing small items, plus they provide additional seating.

Using lighting to style a room

Windows are particularly important in the bedroom compared to the rest of your home. You want to be able to both take advantage of natural light and to be able to completely block it out — be it for privacy reasons or to get a good night sleep. Therefore, we suggest investing in window treatments that frame your windows well and fit your room’s aesthetic. Curtains, drapes, sheers, and blinds are just some of the options you can choose from.

Furthermore, layer your lighting for a polished look and better functionality. Bright ceiling lights like chandeliers are required for daily tasks like getting dressed, making the bed, etc. Sconces, table lamps, wall-mounted portable lighting, or floor lamps can be placed bedside to provide a cosy atmosphere for when you crawl into bed with your favourite book. Accent lighting like fairy lights beautifully highlight artwork or illuminate objects with a gorgeous glow. Dimmers are ideal for controlling light intensity as required.

Create a cosy corner

Everybody loves a little cosy corner just for them. Pick a spot and visually zone it with a nice, soft rug. Throw a few pillows there, place a small side table or an ottoman...

If you have the space, you could get a small lounging sofa. Make it cosy with a throw blanket or two. If possible, take advantage of a wider window sill and convert it into a reading area.

More bedroom styling tricks...

You can elegantly accessorise your room with pieces that you love. For example, place a vase and a couple of photographs on the night stands.

Adding some greenery will instantly add that effortlessly warm, homely atmosphere to your space. Plants freshen up the air in your room and add a lovely presence.

Most importantly, focus on your wellbeing! While your bedroom should aesthetically match your taste, it should most importantly be a place where you can get proper rest. To that end, invest in a high-quality mattress as well as a mattress topper for better comfort. Indulge in high-quality comfortable bedding. Take away all distractions that may affect your slumber. According to a study, 23% of UK adults — and in that, 86% of millennials — have had trouble sleeping as a result of using their phones before bed. So, leave your phone out of the bedroom and, instead, get a pretty alarm clock to wake you up.

Finally, consider the power of scents. For example, lavender and bergamot scents facilitate sleep, so it might be a good idea to get an essential oil diffuser.

Well, that’s all from us for now! We hope these tips helped. Do you have any tips for styling your room that you’d like to share with the rest of the readers? Let us know. We would love to hear from you!

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