Best Types of Wood for Interior Design

Not all woods are created equal, a principle that very much applies to interior design. From types and colours, down to the species of wood, there are different considerations that must be made when choosing a specific kind of wood for a particular space. Take wooden flooring, for instance, which we previously covered in detail in the post ‘Wood Flooring for Dummies’. There is a range of choices, from solid wood to reclaimed timber to engineered wood. But when it comes to the exact species of wood, some are more favoured than others. Here are the best types of wood for interior design.

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Ideal Home points to oak as a perennial favourite, thanks largely to its middle-range colour options. Aside from being sturdy and extremely durable, it can blend seamlessly with pretty much every colour scheme or motif, which adds to its versatility. It can thus be used for wooden furniture such as chairs and tables, or even wooden furnishings like picture frames. Even more, applying a natural finish or oil helps bring out the variations and contrasts of this gorgeous-looking wood, which can serve as an ornament in itself thanks to its natural beauty. Maple Both hard and soft maple are extremely strong — so much, in fact, that working with it can be challenging. Virtually resistant to splitting and naturally durable, this type of wood comes in an assortment of hues, with hard maple often coming in cream, off-white colours, and soft maple ranging from cream to dark red. Like oak, maple is excellent for wooden floorings, and highly recommended for wooden furniture for its sophisticated look and durability. Acacia With its deep brown colour and good-looking natural grain, the acacia is an obvious choice for interiors that aim for a rich contrast of light tones and dark hues. It gives a warm, rich touch to any room, though it is best used in the kitchen or in the bathroom as it is naturally antibacterial and water-resistant. It is also extremely durable, like maple and oak. European Whitewood For ceiling modifications, the European Whitewood or European Spruce is an excellent choice. A pale coloured softwood with a natural lustre, the whitewood is, in fact, used mostly in panelling and cladding. It even has exceptional insulation properties, which will come in handy during summertime. Not to mention, the Whitewood can also strengthen structural integrity, all while providing an aesthetically pleasing look. Olive Olive wood makes for attractive wall panels as it has oil-like grain patterns that are unique to every piece. It is hard, strong, and durable like oak and maple, and it has antibacterial properties, too, like acacia. This means olive is an extremely versatile wood, as it can be used pretty much anywhere in the house and for various purposes and functionalities. As mentioned, olive wood is perfect as a wall panel, but it is also a good choice to make furniture and accessories for the kitchen and the bathroom. It should be emphasised, though, that working with wood can be tricky. Drilling holes into wood, in particular, is not that easy, as there is always the likelihood that the wood will splinter while drilling. Therefore, you must be careful to prevent that from happening. SF Gate’s guide highlights the importance of using the appropriate drill bits to make sure the wood doesn’t splinter. An auger bit, for instance, is best for drilling holes that are 1/2 inch in diametre, whilst a spade bit is perfect for drilling holes between 1/2 and 1 1/2 inches in diametre. Having an extensive set of drill bits is very important when incorporating wood into any interior design. Most of Screwfix’s drill bits are made out of carbon steel, which means they go into the wood without having to put too much force on the drill. They also help to minimise splintering. With the utmost care and the right equipment at your disposal, working with wood is easy, and the results will be something to be proud of in your home. Now, there are other wood choices available, and anyone who wants to use wood for their interiors will be best served consulting with a firm like us here at Design By Deborah.

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