The Home in Care Home

This Buckinghamshire care home was built in the 1980s, with practical function being the only consideration for the interior. It was built to be efficient, not beautiful and whilst that was the expected norm we are delighted to see the demand for care homes to be designed with aesthetics in mind. After all this still someone’s home and don’t we all want to love somewhere lovely no matter what age we are.


Bradbury House operates as a “home from home” and have always been proud of the friendly atmosphere and superb level of nursing care they they offer. They wanted their interior to better reflect this. The design process was a collaborative project with the residents being involved in the proposed designs and furniture specification where possible.


There were certain high traffic areas that were under a lot of pressure. The clients were keen for these areas to not only look significantly better but also to stand the test of time. We redesigned all common areas to create a more homely and modern look whilst ensuring all practical and operational aspects were seamlessly and subtly incorporated.


This now truly is a home from home.